Fire Training

With many years of training company staff on how to understand fire, extinguish it safely and save a life or their place of work, we offer some of the best facilitation possible for you and your staff. Many moons ago Brixton Training School offered these Basic Fire courses on a 1 day, 3 day and half day basis every week of the month and we conducted many of these courses and obtained the necessary skill to train people of all races.

Hotel Fire Safety

When a company, lodge, hotel or home is robbed, it is not a loss to the economy as it is a transfer of wealth. However, when a building and contents burns down, it is a total loss to the company.

Lodge Fire Safety

We will establish what your staff needs are concerning their fire fighting skills and train them on the required unit standards and ensure that all people attending the course will be able to operate an extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

We further endeavor to keep the costs down and will try to do the courses before your extinguishers have to be serviced. We will also make the necessary arrangements to have your extinguishers properly serviced by a qualified technician.

Extinguisher service & training.


  1. Perform Basic Fire Unit Standard 12484
  2. Apply Basic Fire Fighting Techniques Unit Standard 252250
  3. Apply Fire Fighting techniques Unit Standard 110075
  4. Control and Extinguish Fire Unit Standard 114011