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Southern Africa Training Academy established in 2020 and based in Johannesburg is managed by people with many years service in the emergency services and tourism fields. Through fire and first aid training and as a consultancy, we prepare communities to be ready within minutes against fire and its associated hazards. We insure that the best equipment in the world can be sourced to protect communities. 

First Aid training is done through accredited facilitators and done at your place of work. Training done is up to first aid level 3. A facilitator will conduct the training at your place of work or at a place of training near you.

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SOATA plan and arrange your training needs and use experienced and suitably qualified facilitators to conduct your training to SAQA compliance. We ensure that we talk your language and that your staff deserve the certificate they studied for and that they can perform their tasks safely.

The installation of fire equipment is done by qualified people with years of experience and we also install fire equipment into homes, farming communities, hotel and lodge accommodation and rural villages to protect people and properties against fire. SOATA conduct site surveys according to SANS 10400-T 2020 and ensures that you and your company comply. We have a saying, if your home is broken into and valuables stolen, it is a change of ownership. If your house or business is destroyed by fire, it is a total loss to the economy.

On site training for your staff.

Soata is a link for communities and business throughout Southern Africa and we ensure that the correct training and equipment installation is done to prepare you against fire losses.

Safety is an important part of your business. Have a Safety file prepared for your company and comply with South African health & safety rules. A site survey will be conducted and arrangements made to have the site inspected so that you comply with safety standards.